About Bike Buckeye Lake

Bike Buckeye Lake is a volunteer-ran, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was established in 2015 for the purpose of developing a multi-purpose trail system that circumvents Buckeye Lake, and runs through the surrounding tri-county area of Fairfield County, Licking County and Perry County.

Accessible trails enhance economic development, quality of life for residents, and in many cases increase property values (Source: American Trails.org).

All donations and proceeds of Bike Buckeye Lake go toward the measures required for trail development, such as grant applications, land leases and acquisition, engineers and consultants, safety and maintenance, publicity, and garnering support. Make a Donation. 

OUR MISSION: The Mission of Bike Buckeye Lake is to promote the development, maintenance and appropriate use of a multi-purpose trail system within the Buckeye Lake Region while honoring the past and imagining the future.

OUR VISION: Bike Buckeye Lake’s Vision is to create healthy, vibrant and economically enhanced communities by making bicycling attractive, safe, and accessible for residents and visitors within the Greater Buckeye Lake Region.  To see the Bike Buckeye Lake Concept Route click here

OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Bike Buckeye Lake has had so many great accomplishments, thanks to our supporters, that they require their own page! Read about our accomplishments here.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Bike Buckeye Lake is a volunteer-ran 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Learn about the Board of Directors here.