Mr. 10,000 – On Saturday, August 23, 2020, at the North Shore Boat Ramp in Buckeye Lake, a couple of Bike Buckeye Lake board members who were setting up for their annual Tour de Buckeye Lake cycling event heard, “10,000 miles at 7:39!”, and saw a fist shoot into the air with excitement. That voice was of Buckeye Lake native, Mac McElroy, who had just achieved riding his bike solely on the lakeside path for his 10,000th mile. Unbeknownst to Mac, Bike Buckeye Lake was the visionary and driving force behind getting the lakeside path that he enjoys so much created. To have Mac’s feat witnessed by volunteers of the nonprofit organization seemed like fate, so they had to talk with him.  Read The Full Story Here

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Bike Buckeye Lake is a 501(c)3 grassroots group of volunteers who have a passion for outdoor recreation, promoting healthy lifestyles, creating wellness, economic development, improved transportation, education and fundraising opportunities in our beautiful, natural environment. With these amenities both local families and distant visitors will enjoy Buckeye Lake as a destination location.