Promoting Kids’ Safe Bike Riding

Bike Buckeye Lake is hosting, in collaboration with Fairfield, Licking and Perry County Health Department representatives and local fire and police departments, this event. Children will be given the chance to learn about and practice safe biking skills in a fun learning environment.

Course Description

This event includes multiple stations, each of which addresses a specific bike handling or safety issue. Participants will bring their bikes and will learn about and practice starting and stopping, the safe way to exit a driveway, how to look for traffic, negotiate an intersection and avoid common road hazards. Local firemen will bring a truck and teach the kids about fire safety.

What Else to Expect

Each child will receive a free properly fitted helmet and swag bag. There is food, entertainment and a raffle drawing for prizes. Note: A parent or guardian (18 years of age or older) must accompany the child throughout the event.

If you have questions, want to donate or volunteer, please email [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Do parents or their designated guardian need to come?

Yes. Only children who are accompanied by an adult will be allowed to participate in the rodeo. If a registered child arrives without a parent or guardian, they will be given the opportunity to return with one. If unable to do so, will not be able to participate in the event.

Does my child need a bike to participate?

Only children who bring a rideable bike without training wheels will be able to participate in the bike safety rodeo course.

I want to bring multiple kids. Do I need to register each child?

Each child participating will need to be registered separately. Please note that there is a 2 child per parent or guardian limit, including any child staying with the parent or guardian but not participating in the event.

What if it’s raining on May 11th?

An event such as this requires much advance planning, site preparation and volunteers but the safety of everyone is our primary concern. The Bike Rodeo Planning Committee will determine if, on the day of the event or rain date, the weather is an issue related to safety, and may elect to postpone.

Why does registration ask for my child’s age?

Staff will determine, based on the child’s age, bike maneuvering skills and riding locations if they will complete both the basic and advanced course stations.

Why does registration ask for my child’s name?

We request this in the interest of safety for your child. We are also considering pre-printing certificates of completion.